For as long as I can remember I have been artistic. Drawing, painting and sculpting has always come easily to me. Like many people I love glass. The colors, the way it reflects light, and the depth of items like paperweights has always fascinated me. When I attended San Francisco State I couldn't get in to the very popular blown glass class, so I took the stained glass class, but the sharp edges and shards just weren't for me. After I discovered handmade lampwork beads at local art fairs and shows, I would make"pilgimages" to get bead jewelry to satisfy my love of glass. I had bought quite a few items from Wayne Robbins, a talented glass artist out of Santa Cruz. Knowing my artistic talents, my boyfriend thought I could make beads myself and asked Wayne if he taught classes, and got me in his next available class. I took my first lampworking class August 1-2 1998. I picked up the beadmaking skills easily but I didn't have a place to practice. In October ,Wayne hooked me up with his friend Jeffrey Rogers who agreed to rent me studio space so I could practice my skills. I had my first show at my gym in December where I sold pendants just in time for Christmas. This past July, I shared a booth with Jeff at the 1999 Embellishment Bead & Button Show in Portland OR. My first real solo show was the King's Mt Art Fair this past Labor day weekend. Since moving to Hawaii in 2002 I rarely do shows anymore. I find inspiration in Hawaii's beautiful flora, fauna, and landscapes. Hibiscus flowers, fishes, and perfecting Tikis are some of my latest beads

Looking to paperweights as my inspiration, I like to make beads with a lot of depth. I enjoy the challenge of painting/sculpting with colored molten glass as I plan and build from the core outward to create my beads. As I make more beads, my skills continue to improve, and I hope that my beads will inspire and spread the joy and fascination I have for glass. 

Traveling to or in Hawaii, and you want to see my beads in person?

Big Island, Kona:

Kona Beads and Jewelry

Alii Sunset Plaza just north of Hard Rock Cafe

808-331-2161 where you can find my loose beads


Big Island, Volcano:

Volcano Winery gift shop

35 Pii Mauna Drive (between the 30 and 31 mile marker on HWY 130)

808-967-7479 where you can necklaces and earrings


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